BR #1 | The Ascender | Tracey L. Pacelli | Gypsy Shadow Publishing | ★★★★★

Book - The Ascender
Author - Tracey L. Pacelli
Publisher - Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Disclaimer: Reviewed by me for Readers' Favorite

Book Review: The Ascender by Tracey L. Pacelli is a work of science fiction based on The Mandela Effect and other cool fantasy stuff from the future. This book will appeal to young readers who ponder the ‘what if’ questions related to science, technology, aliens, and more. Billy Magnusson is a twelve-year-old boy who is always on the move with his mother since his dad works for the military as an inventor. He has experienced energy wave attacks since childhood, which alters his present reality, even to the extent of adding a younger brother to his family. Billy, together with his school friends from The Ascension Club, must get to the root of things before it's too late since great inventors are always at risk of getting hurt or erased from history.

Tracey L. Pacelli has done a commendable job of infusing high school drama into a mystery thriller plot that has readers hooked till the last page. The language is simple and the characters are vivid, each playing important roles during hours of need. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fast-paced story which reminded me of sci-fi cartoons such as ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ and Tom Cruise’s Hollywood hits like ‘Minority Report’ and ‘Edge of Tomorrow’. The Ascender has the potential to be a blockbuster series as science fiction remains evergreen in today’s generation, topping the charts across streaming services. The climax and narration by the author were very well executed, unexpectedly satisfying, and I see a lot of potential in this story for a sequel!

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