BR #2 | Why Am I So Happy? | Paula Neva Vail | Motivational Press | ★★★★★

Book - Why Am I So Happy?
Author - Paula Neva Vail
Publisher - Motivational Press
Rating - ★★★★

Disclaimer: Reviewed by me for Readers' Favorite

Book Review: Why Am I So Happy? by Paula Neva Vail is a work of inspirational fiction based on finding true happiness in life. It will appeal to people of all ages since it is a guide to positive feelings. There are eleven chapters inside this book, speaking about the choices we make, what triggers our emotions, high and low-frequency vibrations, creating first impressions, filtering intentions, overcoming suffering, harnessing our inner energy, believing in our destiny, focusing on happiness through improved habits, and sharing joy. She asks us to take time every day to be grateful, think about something that we love about ourselves, and be grateful for someone or something in our life. It not only can cure broken souls but also instill within them a sense of goodness.

Paula Neva Vail has used her vast knowledge and personal experiences over the years to create this wonderful book that motivates readers into being happy. I loved the quotations used inside Why Am I So Happy? to highlight a few topics of great interest. Somewhere, I feel Paula has connected with her readers on an individual level which is evident from the wonderful testimonials presented in the first few pages of the book. Overall, it leaves a lasting impression on many lives as she concludes with happy lines, ‘You are the magic that creates your beautiful and unique life. You have the power within you to bring joy, light, love, success, and so much more into your life. I have faith in your abilities. Without a doubt, I know that happiness is yours to enjoy!’

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