BR #3 | The Canvas Of My Soul: The Hues Of My Palette | Anahit Arustamyan | CreateSpace Independent Publishing | ★★★★

Book - The Canvas Of My Soul: The Hues Of My Palette
Author - Anahit Arustamyan
Publisher - CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Rating - ★★★★

Disclaimer: Reviewed by me for LitPick Book Reviews

Book Review: The Canvas of My Soul: The Hues of My Palette is a collection of 52 lyrical and philosophical poems by Anahit Arustamyan. This book will appeal to poetry lovers and readers looking for a short inspirational read. The poems refer to dreams ("What Do I Have to Mend?"), immortality of consciousness ("No, Poets Never Die"), perceived limitations ("The Armchair Beside Me"), and journeys ("We Borrow"). The poetry also alludes to wisdom, faith, wishes, sacrifice, happiness, and sorrow all spread out in a canvas of colorful hues. Magic in the pages speaks to readers, transporting them into a world of thought. Upon reading the book multiple times, it becomes clearer that each poem has a moral behind it.

Opinion: Anahit Arustamyan does a commendable job, writing such beautiful poems that reflect life's beauty. The poems cover many topics and are not broken up into stanzas. Therefore, readers can easily read the collection in one stretch, leaving the feelings and emotions intact. Inside the book's interior pages are a few images, which provide eye-appealing and well-crafted additions to the poems they accompany.

However, given that it is a short book, I would have appreciated it if every poem were accompanied by an illustration. There is no table of contents or introduction by the author at the beginning of the book, and the editing is improper with texts not always following the same fonts. Given these limitations, the book is overall a nice read, as the poems follow a simple lyrical structure in between lines. I see great potential in this work to inspire more people to read meaningful poetry.

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